Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How do you evaluate potential students?

A: There are three steps in the process. (a) Families complete an application form. (b) Students take placement tests in Math and English, and (c) students are interviewed using Skype.


Q: What does your admission application form look like?

A: We have an initial application form. However, once we have matched a student with a school, they will also complete the application forms for the school to which the student is applying.


Q: What obligations do we have to the students beyond that we have to any student?

A: Please review a copy of our Guardianship Agreement, in which you will see that the guardian assumes the typical responsibilities of a student’s parent.


Q: Does our school have to go through any special process to be able to accept international students?

A: Schools must have an international program that is approved by the INS and DHS. We are able to assist schools with achieving this. The certification can take up to two months to complete.


Q: How do you organize accommodation for students attending day schools?

A: Homestays are organized by WISE, which can be with interested families of students at the school, or with host families with whom we have arrangements.


Q: What academic support do you provide while students attend school?

A: We provide TOEFL support and ESL courses to students during the summer before they join a school, as part of our arrangements with their families.


Q: What happens if placement doesn’t work out, and a student needs to leave?

A: The school refunds the student’s fees on a pro-rated basis, and WISE takes full responsibility for finding a new school for the student.


Q: How is health insurance handled?

A: Students are made aware of vaccination requirements prior to entering school. Health insurance coverage is organized by WISE.


Q: How can schools be sure that students are being candid about their academic abilities?

A: This is a valid concern. We endeavor to mitigate this risk via the recruitment process outlined above. However the school does assume some risk, as they do with every student they accept.