What are my options?

A homestay is when a student lives with a family while they are in the US. This option allows you to stay with an American family, to help you learn English more quickly and experience family life in the US.


As a homestay student you must be open to living with people from diverse backgrounds and from different cultures. Our American families consist of people of European, African, Asian and South American descent. All of our families provide students with an experience of American culture and are English speaking families.

The type of home varies from host to host. While some hosts live in houses, others live in apartments. For the most part, students will share the bathroom with the host family. Access to a private bathroom is based on availability and is subject to an extra fee.

It's important that you are share your preferences (e.g. okay living with pets, sharing bathroom, etc.) with our staff, as this will allow us to find the best match available at the time you apply. Transport from your homestay to school can be via walking, biking, bus ride or driving.


Homestay Options

WISE offers a choice of three different homestay services so that students can select a situation that best fits their individual needs. Each homestay option offers social time, cultural exchange, and the opportunity to interact with the host family.


Room with Meals (also known as 'Full Board'): This option is for students who would like meals included. Students need to be open to the different foods that the host may prepare. This option includes two meals a day: a breakfast and a cooked dinner in the evening.


Room and Breakfast (also known as 'Bed and Breakfast'): This options is recommended for students who can prepare their own dinner or eat outside the home. A breakfast in the morning will be provided each day. You are responsible for your own dinner with this option.


Room Only: This option is for students who want to cook their own meals. We recommend this choice for students who have dietary restrictions (e.g. vegetarian, religious reasons). Your host will have cabinet and refrigerator space available for you to store any food you may need to store, however you will be responsible for your own meals.



We have various options that range from $800 up to $1200+ per month for very popular locations like New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco.


Benefits of Arranging Housing through WISE

Fast and easy process: Students apply online and their application is entered into our database. Based on the requirements of both our students and host families, we work hard to ensure the best possible match, so that our students have the comfort of knowing where they will be living while they are at school.


Screening Process: WISE runs a detailed background check on prospective host families. We will do our best to place you in a comfortable and safe environment!


Reliability: We currently work with many colleges, universities, and schools throughout the USA, and are constantly expanding our service area. We provide support for students and hosts and are happy to assist with any issues or problems that may arise while the student is in our homestay. Our students can depend on us to be their FAMILY IN THE USA!