ESL, TOEFL and IELTS Classes


ESL = English as a Second Language : TOEFL = Test Of English as a Foreign Language : IELTS = International English Language Testing System


Being able to communicate in English is important for students seeking to live and study in the US. We place our students in fully accredited programs which prepare them to understand and use English in academic and personal situations. TOEFL- and IELTS-targeted study is integral to classes. In these ESL courses, students will experience various interactive teaching methods that develop skills essential to success.

These programs are offered at a number of University campuses. We typically place students in fifteen week intensive language programs. These are fall and spring programs offered by top universities, and take place at a campus chosen with consideration given to where the student desires to live. During the summer we place students in 6-week sessions.

Most of the programs we choose for our students are full immersion courses. WISE will work with the students and schools in selecting the appropriate programs based on the students' needs.